Zoya Fast drops

Zoya Fast drops


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Zoya bubble-preventing Fast Drops dries polish completely from top coat through base coat and enhances color vibrancy. Keep your polish color fresh and gorgeous for up to two weeks by applying Hurry Up over Zoya Armor Topcoat every two days.

  • Speed dry drops that end polish bubbling

  • Enhances color vibrancy

  • Dries all layers of polish from top to bottom in just 5 to 10 minutes

  • Keeps color fresh and gorgeous for up to 2 weeks when applied over Zoya Armor Topcoat every two days.

  • Formaldehyde-free, Toluene-free, Dibutyl Phthlate-free and Camphor-free formula

In addition to ultra fast drying time, Zoya Fast Drops features color enhancing Cemellia Oil: a light weight, UV prohibiting sheer oil that provides a vibrant, ultra-glossy color finish. As an added benefit, this easily absorbed oil also moisturizes cuticles.


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