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Kevin Murphy's TOUCHABLE Spray Wax provides a natural finish without leaving residues. The hair remains malleable and gets a silky satin finish. In addition, the hair is nourished and built up with hibiscus blossom extract.

Strandflieder moisturizes the hair and protects it from frizz. The hair receives shine and suppleness from the contained carrot seed oil.

This has a cell protecting effect and is rich in vitamins and beta-carotene. The spray wax is used like a finishing spray to give the hair a longer hold. Also ideal for curls and stepped hair





About Amici's Salon

At Amici's Salon Hair *Skin*Nails we believe in creating a safe, healthy, and positive atmosphere for everyone. Our number one priority is the well being of our clientele and staff. We show this by lessening the use of harsh chemicals in the products we use in our salon and spa.  We wholeheartedly believe that you can achieve gorgeous results in beauty while still remaining ecological. We use products that are 100% eco friendly, environmentally safe, and proven to be gentler on both your hair & skin.  

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